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Dance Studio

The Dance Studio

Our dance studio is an excellent space to hold classes, workshops or rehearsals. It has large windows for natural light and great air ventilation. It is also a great space for meetings, talks & workshops.

  • Hire:
    • Max Capacity:  24
    • £35 per hour

View cancellation & terms of service.

What’s included.

  • Harlequin dance floor, mirrors, and ballet bars.
  • Up to 24 chairs
  • Smart coloured, warm or bright lighting (Philips Hue)
  • 2 large rectangular tables
  • Free public Wi-Fi (The Arts Centre WIFI)
  • 5-minute post-hire cleaning & disinfection of the space by our team.

Terms of Hire

Consumption of food is not permitted in the studio.

You have a 15-minute window after your hire before the next session to pack away.

We provide the space, and you return it in the same condition. Hire does not include room set up or cleaning of any mess beyond the standard use of the space.

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