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Hounslow Arts Centre - Terms and Conditions Summary


The terms and conditions create a legal agreement between Hounslow Arts Centre Ltd. (the facilitator) and the hiring party (those wishing to hire venue spaces at The Arts Centre, Hounslow).

Standard Provisions:

  • Hounslow Arts Centre reserves exclusive rights over certain venue spaces, including the front of house, bars, cloakrooms, and offices.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Standard hires and bookings can be cancelled with no charge up to 14 days prior.
  • Bespoke bookings can be cancelled up to 30 days prior with a 10% admin charge.

Ticket Sales:

  • All ticketed events must use the Hounslow Arts Centre ticketing system.
  • Independent ticketing is prohibited and results in a breach of contract with penalties.


  • Hiring the kitchen is required for event catering.
  • Strict food safety practices are mandated, along with cleaning responsibilities.
  • Restrictions exist on types of food, equipment, and where food can be consumed.

Property & Equipment Use:

  • Hounslow Arts Centre retains certain rights regarding property use and has provisions for equipment availability and damage.

Clients' Obligations:

  • The client assumes liability for damages to the theatre, property, and equipment.
  • Clients must maintain adequate insurance and adhere to local laws and regulations.
  • They must respect intellectual property and are prohibited from disclosing box office sales figures.

Intellectual Property:

  • Event recording and broadcasting need the Centre's consent.
  • The client is responsible for all copyright clearances and related fees.

Permitted Use:

  • Spaces must only be used for the purpose they were hired for, with certain activities like auctions and lotteries prohibited unless prior approval is given.


  • Hounslow Arts Centre has a say in the approval of all publicity material. Any misleading or inappropriate advertising must be removed at the client's expense.


  • If you do not vacate the space at the end of your hire, the Arts Centre reserves the right to charge you for venue hire and staffing overtime at 1.5x its standard rate.
  • If you know your event is likely to overrun, it's the client's responsibility to contact the on-site duty manager as soon as possible.
  • If your event overruns, our staff retain the right to halt your event and clear the building unless overrunning is approved by the duty manager.


  • You must comply with the terms of the premises license held by the London Borough of Hounslow Council.
  • Hounslow Arts Centre reserves the right to be the sole supplier or provider of food and beverages.
  • The food and beverage team will challenge 21 and holds the right to refuse service to anyone under the legal age.


Any communication or notice referred to in this Agreement is deemed to be duly served if delivered to the specified email or postal address set out in this Contract for both the client and the Hounslow Arts Centre.

No Treaty Centre Car Parking

As standard, the car park remains open during its standard operating hours. Your hire does not include an extension of these hours unless otherwise agreed upon.

Equipment & Services

  • Services and equipment (subject to availability) are provided as part of the hire contract and are included in your overall cost.
  • Additional items will incur extra charges.
  • Obstructions caused by furniture or equipment in any hall, gangway, aisle, etc., will cause delays.
  • Restrictions on property alterations:
    • No screws, hooks, nails, tapes, or adhesives on walls, floors, ceilings, or furniture.
    • Electrical items must be safe and tested.
    • No additional heaters/coolers without consent.
    • No open fires or certain machinery on site.
  • Special effects guidelines:
    • Report effects like smoke, haze, pyrotechnics, UV lighting, etc., to the technical team before performance.
    • Notify the Duty Manager on the day of the performance.


The company must repay Hounslow Arts Centre for any damages, thefts, or removals of property during the hire dates or any time the company is on the premises.


  • No smoking on stage during auditions, rehearsals, technical work, or public performances unless granted written consent by Hounslow Arts Centre.
  • Application process for smoking consent:
    • Submit written application to Hounslow Arts Centre 14 days prior to the first public performance.
    • Include details like smoking plot, artistic justification, play synopsis, etc.
    • Understand that approval is not guaranteed.
  • Smoking is prohibited elsewhere in the building.

Naked flame

  • No Naked Flame is to be used on stage without written consent from relevant authorities.
  • Application process for naked flame use:
    • Submit written application to Hounslow Arts Centre 14 days before the required use.
    • Consider the broad definition of Naked Flame, including lighting matches and pyrotechnics.
  • When in doubt, always apply and give a longer notice for better chances of approval and necessary safety measures.

Breaching Agreement

If the hirer breaches any element of this agreement or consistently overruns or causes damage to the space, Hounslow Arts Centre Ltd. withholds the right to cancel the hirer's future hires and ban them from hiring again in the future.

Abuse of Staff

Hounslow Arts Centre does not tolerate any level of abuse towards its staff. If any hirer, group, or patron attending an independent event is found to be abusing or causing physical or emotional harm to our team, the centre reserves the right to void this Agreement and ban the hirer or group from hiring again in the future.

Standard Deposits & Payments Policy

  • Your deposit amount and payment dates will be indicated in this agreement or on your invoice. Failure to meet these payment due dates may result in the cancellation of your hire.
  • All prices are clear to the hirer, and no charges are hidden within any price. All hire charges are subject to VAT. The venue reserves the right to charge the hirer additional sums should the VAT rate increase.
  • Where a box office deal has been made for an event and a percentage of the event's box office takings has been agreed to Hounslow Arts Centre, we will deduct the hire charges from your settlement agreement.
  • If the box office takings are insufficient to cover the hire cost, an invoice shall be raised for you. You shall pay the outstanding amount to Hounslow Arts Centre within the terms set out on the issued invoice.
  • Hounslow Arts Centre reserves the right to bill any company additional charges which may arise from damages to the facilities due to misconduct while being used by the company.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable to the other for any damage or loss (consequential or otherwise) or other relief apart from all payments to be made and obligations imposed under the terms of this Agreement if, and as often during the Contracting Period, the Theatre is closed or the presentation or performance of the Production is prevented or interrupted. Causes beyond the control of either party may include, but are not limited to, war, riot, civil disturbance, terrorism, explosion, strike, lockout or other industrial action, epidemic, fire, storm, water ingress, flood, major mechanical or electrical breakdown, disaster, unavoidable accident, court or authority orders, license revocation or suspension, royal demise, fuel or material supply shortages, or Acts of God, unless such loss is recoverable from a third party or their insurers.